Saturday, April 25, 2015

Digital project inspired by Luis Royo's III Millenium - The Announcement

A special project made for a dear friend of mine, who looked a lot like the girl from Luis Royo's III Millenium - The Announcement

Greetings, dear followers!
I would like to introduce you a project I kept hidden for a while and that I held dear to my heart, since I made it for a close friend here in Lyon / France.
It all started with a sample shot taken on my own terrace during a pretty cold January afternoon.
The next step was to crop, clean, possition and resize it properly respecting the original image proportions.

The next challenge was to start shading the face, moderating the hair, change the colour and in general starting the actual work.
Keeping it up there was time to sort out some of the gorgeous Royo's biomechanical details.

Following by some more shading, lighting and hair details added by hand.
Time for the iron necklace hahaha neck chain piece ;) and some hair and shading.
Than sorting some details and playing with the light.
And after I was pretty much happy with the result it was time to crop and shape and final piece as I like.
In the end I couldn't helpmyself put a filter who mimic the patter on a watercolour paper relief.

VoilĂ ! Enjoy!
Digital artwork by Selene de Viollet.

Based on the original artwork of Luis Royo.

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