Wednesday, April 29, 2015

The Purple Fairy outfit in details

The Purple Fairy outfit in details

~ From start to finish ~

Every beginning starts with a sketch.
And in the end - the ready piece of wearable art.

The idea of this outfit started from butterflies the talented friend and photographer Mori Gena showed me as an inspiration for a future project. After she approved the sketch, I created few different designs and sizes for the butterflies and started cutting them.

The plan was to cover the outfit with those babies and lots of fairy dust, crystals & some pearls.

So once the sewing process was over it was time for the fun part - decorating the garment. And I was pretty impatient to start with the corset and put together all the textile flowers, beautiful lace fragments and choose the butterflies possitions.

In the end after all these details were put at their place, I added some crystals, pearls and few special japanese cherry blossoms.

So it was time to add the details and after a quick post on my facebook page I had the pleasure to get a possitive respond from the super talented wing designer Ashley Ormaza from Freckles Fairy Chest, who wished to create a special pair of fairy wings in a matching colour for my theme.
As you may see on the official shot of them, the are pretty big and looks really fantastic.
There are two options to be worn - clear elastic straps and the other is to stick it on the back of your corset or dress via their very useful metal hanger.

Having also the possibility to reposition or even reshape a bit the wings, if needed and/or desired.
More info and different designs, are always available at her Official page and Etsy shop.

 Here comes the time for creating the piece I was most impatient to create - a very complicated neck corset with it's posh floral decoration, made by hand textile flower and decorated with few butterflies. All in silver and nacre white.

And last but not least, the special shoes geths from cut by hand lether lace, covered in glass beads fragments and the head band adorment with various flowers and butterflies.

Here's the very first shot I manage to get of the full set in my living room, just before my departure to meet the first team that was going to shoot it.



It took me three weeks to finish this Fairy project - a lot of hard work and happy moments.

Here's one special bonus for all of you from the very first shooting with a wonderful French team before writing a full article about it:

Photographer & MUA: Mori Gena photography
Model: VenerĂ¿s Dies
Fairy wings: Freckles Fairy Chest 

Outfit and accessories: Atelier Selene de Viollet

Enjoy this fairy dream and welcome to my world!


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