Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Mother of Dragons outfit in details

Mother of Dragons

~ From start to finish ~

Everything started with skatching the main idea...

And continued with the making of the outfit and all accessories, ready for shooting.

And so after hours of measuring and sketching I was ready to bring in some details to the belt pattern...

...I was ready to start the cut-by-hand stage....and 112 scales later (only from the belt) I was ready to start sculpting.

After all the hard hours of cutting by hand it was finally the time to put some scales and relief to the belt.
The same goes for all other accessories like this mask and the bracelets.

And in the end - some fire red & golden magic was casted over all creations.

And all the hard work was at last alive in front of my eyes. I was almost able to feel the dragon tail I incorporated in the belt moving and hear it's scales swearing around.
That moment when you assemble the ready pieces for the first time and you're so damn proud that you feel like crying.

The Dragon mask is an item I was especially proud with not only by it's appearance but also by the light weight I managed to acheave trough it's sculting process. I also added another hidden detail to it, the mask was designed to be ablo to be worn as a shoulder armour.

And last but not least - the cherry on my dragon cake - the two bracelets I did for the first shooting, that took place in France last weekend.

The Mother of Dragons dress it all it's beauty!
A magical moment when all accessories are finally united with the dress I made for the occasion.


It took me about one month and a half of my "free time" to finish this Dragon project - a lot of cut by hand and sculpting, so it was a real pleasure for me to see it all done in the end.

And in the end I give you a special bonus from the very first shooting with a wonderful French photographer, before the official article about it:

Photographer: Bea B. Photographie
Model & MUA: Selene de Viollet
Outfit and accessories: Atelier Selene de Viollet

Enjoy this dragon dream and welcome to my world!


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