Friday, October 3, 2014

Corvus Corax in vivo...part two.

And than my Corvus was ready to fly away for a second test and shooting all the way to one very delicat creature - the beautiful Elisanth


Her project started with opening the box for the first time and try some of the items in search for inspiration.

Than when she was finaly ready with her idea, it was time to aply this awesome make-up, she developed for the occasion.

And keep transforming until the desired result was ready to rock in front of Alex Zatsepin's camera:

Since the beauty is in the details, she also added
these amazing sclera lenses by Samhain Contact Lenses.

The result is this mind-blowing masterpiece!

A true piece of flawles dark epicness!

With extreme taste for details, light and composition!


Here you may see two Close ups, they gently provided me for this blog.

Alex Zatsepin
Model & MUA: Elisanth

Sclera lenses: Samhain Contact Lenses
Corset & accessoires: Atelier Selene de Viollet
Copyright by Zatsepin Alex © Any use of the images without written permission is prohibited!


And finally it landed into the gifted hands of J-u-d-a-s Art

 Who thoughtfully named his piece of art - the Morrigan


See more images of the process, accessories and details, here!


Wait, wait...I'm not quite done yet!

For there are some more artists already working on and/or waiting their turn to create some magic with the items I created to turn this dream into a living reality.

So, stay tuned for there's more to come...

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