Monday, September 29, 2014

Corvus Corax in vivo...part one.

The first shooting was realized in the end of July.

The idea of starting the series with an embrion crow came litteraly just a few days before the actual shooting. We wished to show the stages of our crow's development - from hatching to growing up.
And since the real beauty is in the details, here're some samples of the wonderful artwork Antonia Glaskova put into this first presentation:

The preparations started with finding the right place and building a huge real-size nest (about 2 m in the front side) made of all the dried, dead and broken branches and bushes, we manage to find around in the area.
We had the luck of having a good helping hand by Victoria Mitrova, who did a huge amount of the hard work over it and was kind enough to help me and the photograhper - Antonia Glaskova with this task.

 And when the make-up by Victoria Ivanova was done, it was finally time for letting the bird learn how to fly...

 At first wearing only the leader lace corset and some accessories...

...and than adding a long skirt-tail...

...that got longer and bigger along with a new hairpiece by Mirsea's Wonderland and the special Corvus mask I did for the occasion.

With this the final metamorphose of the Crow was complete.

Crew members:

Model: Alexandra BlackPhotography & retouch: Antonia Glaskova
Corset & accessories:
Atelier Selene de Viollet
Headpiece: Mirsea's Wonderland

MUA: Victoria Ivanova
Hair: Victoria Mitrova


And than it was time to have some digital fun along with the talented Bathoriya and her art:

 Oh wait, wait! The stroy doesn't end here!

For soon there will be part two of my Corvus' european journey, so stay tuned!


See more images of the process, accessories and details, here!

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