Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Corvus Corax outfit in details

~ From start to finish ~

The start - insipring sketch.

  To the final piece of wearable art.


Front panel. Starting the detail sketch by hand.

Front panel. Finished detail pattern.

Front corset panel and right side panels - ready detail patterns.

Front corset panel and right side panels - detail patterns ready to be cut.

The first layer of cut by hand leather lace.

Finished first layer (out of three) of cut by hand leather lace.

The final shape of the corset is at last visible for the first time.

After hours and hours of stitching glass seed beads, "drawing" ornaments covered with glitter dust and stone fragments, the panels are decorated and ready for assembling.

The finished assemble via satin ribbons and
it's time to add the feathers on the cups...

...and a hundrets more to the tail...

After more than a month of extremely hard work entirely by hand,
the Corvus Corax outfit was ready to be shot.


The Corvus Accessories:

The neckpiece worthy for a true Crow - cut by hand leather lace, covered with stone fragments, glitter dust and feathers.

 The Morrigan headpiece - cut by hand leather lace, covered with stone fragments and glitter dust on the front pannel, embraced by two big, black, feathered wings

The Crow mask - a first try for a plastic mask with velvet interior, painted base and drawn by hand ornaments, covered with stone fragments and glitter dust.

Every Crow need claws, so I made a pair of gloves with nails.

And since I always fashioned details, the interior was made in burgundy red.

The shoes are quite a weakness of mine, but I never give up to the fact I'm not a shoemaker, so I never stopped creating shoe accessories as these leather lace spats, covered in big black glitter dust - also cut by hand. With matching bracelets.


It took me more than a month to finish this Corvus set, a lot of efforts, discovering new techniques on my own, working hard on making all details and items possible, so now there's only one thing left to do and say/write:

Enjoy this living dream and welcome to my world!


There are already some images published with this set on Atelier Selene de Viollet's official FB page.


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