Sunday, November 22, 2015

Modern Sakura - shooting

Modern Sakura

~ Shooting time ~  

After lots of hours of drawing and digital manipulations on my tablet at 2h30 in the morning the final artwork was ready to rock!
 After weeks of hard work on the outfit and all accessories for my Modern Sakura project, it's time at last to do some pictures!
I charged myself to do all the make-up and styling for the shooting aswell as taking the pictures and retouch them in the desired spirit.

This is the first picture I falled in love with and the wish to create a special artwork with it, came more than natural.

I did many pictures from different angles to able to show as much as possible from all the creations included.

Keeping the focus on the colours of the Japan flag red and white as well as a delicate touch of gentle feminine at it's best.

In the end I was pretty happy that I managed to create images full of emotions and deep atmosphere, shots that can tell a story and reach to people's souls, not just another fashion shooting.

Model: Zephyris Modèle
Photo, retouch, MUA & hair: Selene de Viollet

Outfit and accessories: Atelier Selene de Viollet

Neo Queen Serenity wings:
On Gossamer Wings

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